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Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Akola
Godbole Plots, Dabki Road, Akola(MS). 444002.
Affiliated to Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University.
(Reaccredited by NAAC Grade B with CGPA 2.88)

Instructions for students

Rules & Regulations for Students

Students should not break or damage college property, otherwise he/she will have to pay its
  price along with fine to the college.
If student is found responsible for damaging the college property like college building, electricity, windows, fans, furniture etc. He/she will have to pay fine according to the direction by the Principal.
3. Smoking and use of intoxicants arte strictly prohibited in the college campus.
Students should not bring unauthorized persons in the college premises. The authority reserves the right to remove any students due to his misconduct.
Students should not bring unauthorized persons in the college premises. The authority reserves the right to remove any students due to his misconduct.
6. Political movement & violent demonstrations are strictly forbidden in the college campus.
Student must inform (in written) the change in address (local/permanent) & phone numbers to the college.
8. Student’s behaviour with other students, lecturers & other college staff must be good.
Principal reserves the right to take the action against the students who damages the reputation of the college / breaks the rules.
At the time of classes, students should not wander in the veranda. Without proper work, he/she should not stay in the college campus too.
Students should not sit in any room other than his/her own class & should not attend the periods of other than his/her own subjects.
The Principal reserves the right about the college gathering (that it will be arrange or not) & the decision will be binding on the students.
13. Without Principal’s permission students should not collect any fund in the college campus.
14. Without Principal’s permission students should not invite any person for the programme.
It is necessary for students to attend & pass the college examinations; otherwise he/she will not be eligible for university examination.

Important Instructions about Fees

As given in the broucher students will have to pay all fees at the time of his/her admission. If admission is cancelled for any reason, in such circumstances, fees will not refund/full fee is to be paid.
After taking admission in the college, it will be the student’s responsibility to pay the fees. If students does not come or leaves the college, in such condition it will binding to students to pay all fees.
If a student does not pay the fees till the last date, his admission may be cancelled. It will be Principal’s discretion to give or reject the admission.
After securing admission in one faculty, if a student wants to change the faculty, in such condition he/she will have to pay admission fee & other fees again. Student will have to pay all the fees and dues before examination.
If the students are getting the advantage of A.T.K.T. in such condition government rules about fees (E.B.C.) wil be binding on the students

Minimum Critical Information

Career Oriented Courses
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