Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Akola


Affiliated to Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati

(Reaccredited by NAAC Grade B with CGPA 2.88)


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National Conferences/Seminar/Workshop Organized

UGC has funded national level Seminars /conferences and state level workshops which has been organized by various departments in the college.

Conference /Seminar/ Workshop organized by various Departments

Sr .No. Name of Conference/Seminar Organized Category Grant in aid View
1. Interrelationship of literature and Social Science. Departments of Literatures and Social Sciences National Level F24-671/08(WRO) (2008-09) 85000/- View
2. Research Methodologies for Research in Languages and Literatures. Departments of Literatures National Level F24-999/09(WRO) (2009-10) 45,000/- View
3. Advances in Material Research Departments of Physics and Chemistry National Level F24-1386/09 (WRO) 26-27 March 2010. 75,000/- View
4. Research Methodologies in Science Department of Microbiology/ Chemistry State level UGC funded 26 Feb.2011 20,000/- View
5. Advances in Life sciences for sustainable rural development. Departments of Microbiology and Zoology National Level Oct-11-12, 2011 70,000/- View
6. Need to access the nutritional status of adolescent girls for futuristic task Department of Home Economics National Level Oct.13,2011 75,000/- View
7. Banking and Insurance in 21st century Departments of Commerce. National Level Proposed for Oct.14-15, 2011. 75,000/- View
8. Academic Libraries as knowledge Hub in the New Millennium Department of Library and Information Science(11-12) National Level F24-2375/11 (WRO) dt 23-2-12 27-28 July 2012. 1,50,000/- View
9. Need of Commercial Management for the people of Arts and Science Department of Accounts and Statistics(11-12) National Level F24-2620/11 (WRO) dt 23-2-12 27-28 July 2012. 85,000/- View
10. The social Political and Historical Aspects of Panchayat Raj Department of Social Studies(13-14) National Level F24-346/12 (WRO) dt 15-3-13 37,450/- View
11. National Symposium cum Workshop on Diversity of spiders with special reference to taxonomy and Molecular systematics Department of Zoology (14-15) National Level F 24-707/13(WRO) Dt 18/3/14 DST-F.No .SB/SS/ 247/ 15/7/14 ISCA Amravati Chap dt 1,30,000/-
12. National conference on modern trends in Physical education Department of physical education (14-15) National Level F24-797/13 (WRO) dt 21-3-14 1,10,000/- View
13. The Contemporary Relevance of Swami Vivekananda's Thoughts in Context with Educational, Sociocultural and Spiritual Aspects Department of Languages(14-15) National Level F24-1131/13 (WRO) dt 11-11-14 1,20,000/- View
14. One day National Conference on Swami Vivekananda -Vision for the modern India. 10 Feb.2017 Swami Vivekananda study centre, SKC UGC Assisted SVSC 1,00,000/- View
15. National Symposium cum workshop on Bio - Waste as Bio- Resource on 23/02/2019 Dept of Microbiology, Microbiologist Society, India. SGBA University Sponsored -- View
16. Online National Conference on Recent Advances in Chemical Sciences 1st & 2nd May 2020 Dept. of Chemistry, AUCTA Self Finance -- View
17. Research Project Presentation Competition Through Posters On 03 March 2020 Dept. of Chemistry & Amravati University Chemistry Teacher’s Association (AUCTA) -- Self-Finance View
18. National Level Online Awareness Workshop on National Digital Library of India Department of Library & IQAC with the collaboration of National Digital Library of India --- Self-Finance View
19. One Day Workshop on “‘Me and Swami Vivekananda: The Difference!” 11 Feb. 2017 Swami Vivekananda Studies Centre, Shankarlal Khandelwal College Akola UGC Assisted -- View
20. International Webinar on “Immunity Development to Combat Covid-19”on 24th June 2020 Dept. of Zoology -- Self-financed View
21. Workshop on “Women`s Day Celebration on IT Literacy” On 7th March 2020 Department of Computer Science & Women Development Cell -- Self Financed View
22. One Day Workshop on MOODLE LMS” Department of Computer Science & IQAC -- Self Financed View
23. Online National Workshop on Revised NAAC Accreditation Framework: Drafting of AQAR and SSR IQAC -- Self Financed View
24. One day International Conference on Modern Sanskrit Literature Jointly organized by Shankarlal Khandelwal College, Akola and M.J. College, Jalgaon International Level Self Financed View
25. Three Days Skill Development Training Program on 'Reservoir Fisheries Development' on 29th to 31st Oct.2018 Jointly organized by Dept. of Zoology, Shankarlal Khandelwal College, Akola and Dept. of Fisheries, Govt. of Maharashtra. National Level Self Financed View
26. Intercollegiate workshop on ‘Green Chemistry Principles and its applications’ on dated 29th Feb. 2016 Organized by Dept. of Chemistry,SKC,Akola National Level Self Financed View
27. Medicinal Plant Exhibition organized on 14th to 16th Oct. 2016 Organized by Biomedical Instrumentation , Department of Zoology, SKC Akola National Level Self Financed View
28. Report of “Workshop on Research and Development” Department of Physics and Research Committee, In Collaboration with Gitadevi Khandelwal Pharmacy College, Akola -- -- View
29. Entrepreneurship Development Workshop on 30th Oct., 2015 Department of Commerce (Accounts and Statistics), Shankarlal Khandelwal Arts, Science and Commerce College, Akola jointly organized with Akola Industries Association, Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, Mumbai. -- -- View
30. Opportunity in Collaborating with Foreign Institutes for Higher Education and Research IQAC & Department of Microbiology, Shankarlal Khandelwal Arts, Science and Commerce College, Akola -- -- View
31. Best Carrier Opportunities for Science students in India IQAC & Department of Microbiology, Shankarlal Khandelwal Arts, Science and Commerce College, Akola -- -- View