Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Akola


logoAffiliated to Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati

(Reaccredited by NAAC Grade A with CGPA 3.01)

AISHE Code: C - 42915


Department of Home Economics

About Department

Home Economics subject is a optional subject in arts faculty, starts from year when college is established on 1999. It provides a platform for students who wish to pursue the management of households, taking up creative careers as well as use their knowledge of diet and lifestyle as a career path is a degree course that includes the study of many disciplines such health & hygiene, Human Development, Art, Food & Nutrition, clothing, textiles, and Home Management At the culmination of the course, the students can either seek jobs, self employment or opt for Master’s programmes in Home Economics.

The Department caters the educational needs of learning community from coming different strata of society by providing equal opportunities in conventional & various entrepreneurial program. With the changing scenario, the curriculum is restructured to include basic as well emerging interdisciplinary and application oriented areas. The curriculum develops appropriate skills, which are significant not only to the students, but also to the local, regional and national needs. Sufficient freedom is allowed to the students to best suited to their interest and capabilities. The department also emphasizes on value based education to inculcate soft skills. The student is considered as a pivot of the educational system. Department provides a well planned teaching program & to carry it out effectively

Objectives of the department

1. To improve the quality of human beings as a member of society.
2. To improve the girl student knowledge and skill as a home maker artisans and health seeker
3. To develop favourable attitudes for an ideal, job and self.
4. To develop entrepreneurial skill in student.
5. To motivate the girl students for self employment.
6. To cultivate cultural, social ,moral and national values
7. To make them for playing a good role of good wife, good mother, good grandmother, good teacher and good care taker.

Objectives of the department

1. Department provides a well planned teaching program & to carry out it effectively.
2. Well equipped library with reference books & general materials are available for reading
3. Engage the students in co and extra-curricular activities & provides sufficient facilities for.
4. The student secured the highest marks in subject are given prizes by faculty.
5. computer facilities for every student to surf the latest knowledge.
6. Department organize workshops, demonstration and certificate course for obtaining entrepreneurial skills.
7. Department also facilitate different innovative & ICT based teaching & learning methodswhich will provide platform to students to show their abilities & skill.
8. Faculty assist the students for motivating research project work.